Product Care


Foam Palms: The majority of foam palms are extremely soft and provide excellent grip in most conditions, because of the softness and grip, the palms of most gloves are subject to wear.
Deterioration will be particularly apparent during early and end of season use when the grounds are at their hardest. Try to avoid glove contact with the ground if at all possible!
Young and inexperienced goalkeepers may also notice fast deterioration of the foam; this will become less apparent when individual technique improves.
We advise using new gloves just for matches and an old pair for training/ warm up.
The colouring on the majority of goalkeeper gloves will fade and wear during play, this will not affect the performance of the product in any way.

Care Instructions:
Use no aggressive cleaning agents or brushes
Do not machine wash
Wash by hand at 30°c
Do not tumble dry
Do not expose to direct sunshine or other sources of strong heat (e.g. radiators) as this can reduce the life of the product

Cleaning your gloves:
Moisture your gloves with lukewarm water
Add a small amount of Glove Cleaner on the gloves and rub in substantially into the gloves
Wash out the glove thoroughly with lukewarm water
Let the gloves air dry (Do not expose to direct sunshine or other sources of strong heat)

Roll Finger & Negative Cut Style Foam Palms:
With both being very popular and sought after styles we must warn you that the stitched seams and fingers do come under immense stress during the course of training and match-play and Just Keepers will not offer replacements or refunds for burst seams and damaged foam around the stress areas.

Great care should be taken when putting the gloves on and taking them off especially roll finger styles...REMEMBER YOUR GLOVES ARE DELICATE!