Tompro® is a British Sports Brand offering quality sports products especially to all soccer goalkeepers. Due to product quality and its competitive price, the brand has grown considerably since its inception few years back. After careful testing and quality assurance, and a great fit, comfort and performance, we have developed a product that definitely deserves a place in today's market by using innovative and creative way.


We have spent considerable resources to develop special materials to achieve innovative designs. In addition, we use the very best production tools available.


All goalkeepers are dependent on good equipment, and therefore it is our desire and vision to provide all the keepers, regardless of level, the ability to take advantage of the top professional equipment. All of Tompro®  products have been designed by professional goalkeepers who know what kind of support, comfort, and technical specifications a goalkeeper needs as  always being intensively tested by their own later.


We have always exciting designs in our pipe-line not only finding solutions to create better product but pushing the boundaries of design.


We are convinced that you as a customer will be satisfied; our best advertising is satisfied customers! All over the world.


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