Tompro's Extreme Grip features Removable Finger Protection Pre-Curved Roll Finger  Soccer Goalie Gloves used Giga Grip latex technology that is professionally developed for all conditions. Extreme Grip is full latex gloves used Giga Grip German Foam for optimised catching area for maximum contact with the ball. They offer amazing comfort as well as fantastic construction of gloves by inserting flex grooves at backhand includes thumb area for more flexibility. A visually stylish design by fine inks used, sees a combination of White/ Royal Blue/ Black with stand out branding includes matching Green air mesh/ Black Elastic band whilst the palm is plain white latex. The deep embossed full latex at backhand allows for greater padding and accuracy when punching due to its superior gripping properties and foam backing. A special Lycra insert in the zone between thumb and palm ensures best flexibility and prevents cuts on the latex. Tompro have included a highly breathable fabric at backhand which helps to expel sweat keeping your hands cool and comfortable throughout the duration of a game. Tompro's team dedicated to meeting the needs of exact requirement of professional goalkeepers, for those more familiar with the brand then you will already know about their quality products and extensive range.



  • Recommended For : Professional and Elite Players Glove Cut : Most Popular and Comfortable Roll Finger Pre-curve with excellent dexterity Finger Protection: With convenient Removable Finger Protection (4 Spines) Front Palm : Giga Grip German 4+3mm Latex Foam Backhand : Deep embossed German Soft 3+3mm Latex foam
  • Thumb : Wrap over thumb for more comfort Body : Matching Royal Blue breathable air Mesh/ Laminated Foam/ Fleece backed Stitching : Reinforced Stitching for long lasting Bandage : 8cm wide Elastic band with matching white colour
  • Wrist Closure : Embossed latex strap with strong pull loop with gel and secured locking Velcro closure System for maximum support Packaging : High quality nice twin sided Pocket Plastic / Mesh Carry Glove Bag Suitable For: All Weather Conditions
  • Colour : White / Royal Blue / Black

Tompro Extreme Grip Roll Finger Protection Removable Spines Goalkeeper Gloves

SKU: QP218